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elections 2009 News on the Elections 2009
Up to the minute reports from our 50 correspondents

This Bulletin is published jointly by CIP and AWEPA, and has been covering elections and democratisation since 1992

Editor: Joseph Hanlon
Deputy Editor: Adriano Nuvunga

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Carbon traders want access to 1/3 of Mozambique under REDD+, but MICOA says no
Carbon trading companies have applied for rights over one-third of Mozambique, to sell carbon credits generated by emissions reductions caused by reduced deforestation. But the Ministry of Environment (MICOA) is resisting pressure from companies, the Council of Ministers, and the World Bank to speed the process.

Mozambique political process bulletin
Number 50 - 9 July 2012
link Mozambique_Bulletin_50_REDD.pdf
Land moves up the political agenda with halt to new land grants
Land has moved higher up the political agenda, with interventions by the President, Council of Ministers, communities, and donors. There has been an unofficial halt to new large land grants.

Mozambique Political Process Bulletin
Issue 48 - 22 February 2011
link Mozambique_Bulletin_48_Land.pdf
Sharp divisions over election law
A wide gap has emerged in proposals for a new election law, with Frelimo arguing the present law is largely OK, while civil society wants substantive changes.
Mozambique Political Process Bulletin
Number 47 - 27 October 2010
link Mozambique_Bulletin_47_Election_Law.pdf
EU observers criticise elections
The 28 October elections were well organised and peaceful and largely guaranteed universal suffrage, reports the European Union Election Observation Mission. Fundamental freedoms and rights of assembly, expression and movement were respected.

Despite this, the broader electoral process was weakened by the lack of transparency by Mozambique’s electoral authorities, by an unlevel playing field during the electoral campaign and by limitations with regard to voter choice at local level. As in 2004, irregularities in counting, tabulation and aggregation were observed.

The EU Observer Mission also found:
+ Electoral "legislation is unclear and at times contradictory."
+ "Filing a complaint is de facto nearly impossible at every step of the electoral process."
+ "The presence of political party representatives at CNE maintains an unlevel playing field and an unequal access to information."

The full report is a very large file: 3.25 MB.
link Final_Report_EU_EOM_en.pdf
Details of new government
Mozambique political process bulletin
Number 45 - 1 February 2010

link Mozambique_Bulletin_45_Government.pdf
CC OKs election results but criticises CNE, laws & parties
Mozambique political process bulletin
Number 44 - 11 January 2010
1063 editais rejected

Could the land law process provide a model for writing an electoral code?

CNE admits error in key secret document
link Mozambique_Bulletin_44_CC_ruling.pdf
An unnecessarily tainted election
Mozambique political process bulletin
Number 43 - 17 November 2009
Summary report of the 2009 national election
Landslide victory for Frelimo and Armando Guebuza
Déjà vu - An unnecessarily tainted election
link Mozambique_Bulletin_43_Elections.pdf
CNE excludes 104,000 votes in response to ballot box stuffing
2009 Elections - Mozambique political process bulletin
Number 39 - 16 November 2009

Complete presidential and AR results

CNE excludes 104,000 votes in response to ballot box stuffing

Renamo gains 2 AR seats

Again in secret
link 2009 Elections Bulletin 39 - 16 Nov - votes excluded.pdf
More detailed tables
For those who wish to do their own analysis, we post here more complete tables in pdf and excel.
link Apuramento_Geral_2009.pdf
link Apuramento_provincial_2009.pdf
link Diferença_Pres_2009.pdf
link Diferença_AR_2009.pdf
link Apuramento 2009 Count.xls
Corrected presidential election results
2009 Elections - Mozambique political process bulletin
Number 38 - 14 November 2009
Detailed tables of election results have now been released by the National Elections Commission. In the results announced on Wednesday by the CNE, there was an error in the precentages. The correct results are attached.
link 2009 Elections Bulletin 38 - 14 Nov - corr Pres.pdf
elections 2009 News on the Elections 2009
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